The Mercer County District Library would like to invite your school district to come and visit our Langsdon Rock and Mineral Collection.  This collection was donated by local business owners, Mr. and Mrs. Ron and Ruth Langsdon in 2006.  Our library has developed a unique earth science field trip opportunity for students to discover hands on the science of rocks and minerals. Minerals from all over the world are on display.  Many of the specimens are newly discovered minerals from recently opened mines in India, China, and Pakistan.  Other specimens are from historic mining areas, which are now closed to collectors.  Beautiful examples of pyrite, galena, quartz, tourmaline, and rhodochrosite are in the collection.

In a classroom setting, each participant is given a mineral kit with twenty minerals in sand and a gold miner’s pan.  Participants search for each mineral by color, shape, and texture.  They also learn the history of the mineral, the mineral’s use in industry, the mineral’s crystal make up, and the mineral’s origin.   After the class, participants are taken to the display cases and asked to apply what they have learned by answering questions from a worksheet.  A desert rose mineral and chocolate coin are given to everyone as a reward for their participation.  These field trips are about one hour and a half in length.

We at the library hope you take advantage of this fun, educational and unique exhibit that is located in your own backyard.  Enclosed is our brochure of the Langsdon Rock and Mineral Collection and an educator information binder that contains detailed information about the field trip experience.  This collection is open during library hours.  If you have any questions or would like to schedule a field trip, please give us a call.